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This machine is my company developed new products, application range, high efficiency, stable operation, can be multi-usage, applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics packaging, its performance characteristics are as follows:

1, can complete the manual folding, automatic carton forming, open, boxed section, batch number printing, sealing, etc. And it can be finished with hot melt adhesive system for hot melt adhesive sealing.

2, the machine adopts PLC control. the photoelectric is monitoring action of each part, in the operation of the abnormal, can display the reason, automatic stop for timely troubleshooting.

3, inside frame with the main drive motor and clutch brake, and is equipped with various parts of the transmission system on the machine board torque overload protector, can in the case of overload, realize the main drive motor and the transmission part of the release, to ensure the safety of the whole machine.

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